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Name: Solaleh

Surname: Abdolpanah

Date of Birth: 26/04/1984 

Place of Birth: Bandar-e Anzali



• Master’s Degree(M.A.), Painting, Tehran University of Art, Faculty of Visual Arts, Average 17.89

           Entrance: 23/09/2013

           Graduation: 10/07/2016

• Bachelor’s Degree, Painting, University of Gilan, Faculty of Architecture and Arts, Average 18.50

           Entrance: 21/12/2008

           Graduation: 24/01/2013

• Technical/Vocational Diploma, Computers, Sharaf High School, Bandar-e Anzali,   Average 15.13

           Graduation: 21/06/2001



• Teaching specialized painting lessons in Undergraduate, Postgraduate and High School courses.

• Practical training in fields of Oil Paint, Chiaroscuro, Artist Grade Colored Pencils, Painting Techniques, Printing Techniques and The Basics of Visual          Arts.

• Production of artworks in fields of Painting, Sketches, Illustration, Hand Prints, Wall Painting and Photographs.

• Preparation and planning of Seminars, Exhibitions, Festivals, Workshops and Sale of Artworks.

Membership in Forums:

• Member of the Iranian painters association.  

• Member of the Founding Board of the Visual Arts Association of Gilan province.

• Member of the Visual Arts Association of Bandar-e Anzali.

• The board member of the Anzali Art Group (Anzali Art).



• Recommended by Dr. Iraj Eskandari, Director of the department of Painting in Tehran University of Art.

• Recommended by Dr. Jamal Arabzadeh, Member of the faculty of Painting department in Tehran University of Art.



Selected Festivals:

• Selected by the first Expo of Special Painting by Students and Graduates of the Last 10 Years  Across the country , in the Pardis Mellat gallery of            Tehran, 2/16/2018. (Expo Selected by ibanArt Art Experts 2018)

        To attend one of the group exhibitions in Paris in 2018

• Selected by Gologorski Gallery in Poland for United International Exhibition, 5/01/2018.

• Selected by the Goa Affordable Art Fest in India, 17/12/2017

• Selected by the Scottish Visual Arts Festival in Edinburgh, 2015-1016.

• Selected by Judges of the call for painting of Pars-Online, Supporting young artists, 2015-2016.

• Selected by 8th Selected New Generation Festival, 2014-2015.

• Selected by the 6th Visual Arts Festival of Young Art, 2014-2015.

• Selected by the annual Visual Arts Festival of versus, 2014-2015.

• Selected by the 5th International Fajr Visual Arts Festival, 2013-2014.

• Selected by the 8th National Painting Biennial, A Look at Herat, 2011-2012.

• Selected by panel of the National Festival of Visual Arts of Mehran, Sacrifice and Martyrdom in Ilam, 2011-2012.

• Selected, selection of the 3th Biennial of Gilan Painting Festival, 2011-2012.



• Co-Operation Contract Whit Gonbad-e kabood Visual Arts Educational Institute as Teacher, from 3/2/2019 

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Arthibition Anthology to Sell Art Works Online, from 22/12/2018 till 22/12/2021

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Shirin Art Gallery as Art Consultant and Exhibition Organizer, from 15/9/2018 from (one year)

• Contract of the right to teach Visual Arts at a Workshop Named White House, from 6/9/2018 till (one year)

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Saye Roshan ( Highlight) Art Gallery as Art Consultant, from  27/8/2018 till (one Year)

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Gilan Artistic Area to Sell Art Work, from 6/7/2018 till 6/8/2019

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Cultural Organization of Rasht Municipality as Teacher, from 10/6/2018 until 10/6/2019

• Co-Operation Contract Whit pardis Arts gallery as art consultant and gallery’s board member, 3/5/2018 

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Pooya Visual Arts Educational Institute as Teacher, from 25/4/2018 till 25/4/2019

• Contract of the right to teach in faculty of Architecture and Art in University of Gilan, from 23/09/2017 till date.

• Certificate of co-operation with sports magazine, from 21/03/2015 (three years).

• Contract of the right to teach Visual Arts at a workshop named White House, from 01/08/2015 till date (three years).

• Certificate of voluntary collaboration with 17th Shahrivar Hospital in Rasht, from 15/02/2014 till 22/09/2015.

• Certificate of co-operation in teaching painting in kindergarten named Omid-e Iran, from 05/09/2013 till 17/03/2016 

        (two years).

• Contract of the right to teach in school of Visual Arts, Bandar-e Anzali’s art house, from 30/04/2013 till 05/08/2016 

        (three years).

• Certificate of teaching at the Center for Visual Arts, from 30/04/2012 till 01/05/2014 (two years).

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Do Mahi Visual Arts Free Educational Institute as Teacher, from 12/9/2012 till date

• Co-Operation Contract Whit Pooya Visual Arts Educational Institute as Teacher, from  21/4/2012 till 21/4/2014

Participation in Exhibitions:

•  Participated in Group Exhibition of DIDI Museum. Mazandaran, March 2019

•  Participated in Group Exhibition of Coming Back ANSOU art gallery. Noshar, march 2019

•  Participated in 4th Annual Sales Fereshteh Art Gallery. Tehran, March 2019

•  Participated in a group exhibition of Selected Artist in Paris Group Exhibition By Iban Art Group in IDE Gallery. Tehran 1/5/2019

•  Participated in Forth Painting Biennial Exhibition in MARLIK Gallery in Gilan. 12/1/2018

•  Participated in the Group Painting Exhibition of Abstraction, Held in Saye Roshan Gallery With Association of Youth Cinma Society of Gilan, 2018/10/26

•  Participated in the group exhibition of 3th Annual sales Fereshteh  Art Gallery, 28/02/2018

•  Participated in the group exhibition of Iranian women's avant-garde in Düsseldorf, Germany D-Mitte Gallery 2/23/2018

•  Participated in the annual exhibition of Ehsan Gallery "One on One" 1/05/2018 

•  Participated in a group exhibition in Istanbul (Nis Gallery)with cooperation of  Nidra Art group and Mah and Mahi gallery, 14/12/2017

•  Participated in a group exhibition in Genoa, Italy, with the title of Peace Time in Satura art gallery, 9/12/2017

•  Participated in a group exhibition of paintings for the reopening of the O gallery, 25/05/2017.

•  Participated in a group exhibition of painting with a new look, titled the Historical Blanks, in the Pardis Mellat gallery of Tehran, 15/07/2016.

•  Invitation to participate in the exhibition, Remembering Tomorrow in Dubai.

•  To host the exhibition for the Edinburgh Visual Arts Festival at the Summer Hal gallery in Scotland, 07/02/2015.

•  Participated in the exhibition of paintings of selected artists, Pars Online supporting campaign in Ace gallery of Tehran, 15/01/2016.

•  Participated in Painting & Sculpture group exhibition, titled An Abstract Approach in the Sareban gallery of Tehran, 11/09/2015.

•  Participated in the second Afdeast Virtual group exhibition. 2015-2016.

•  Participated in group exhibition, titled in Memory of professor Agha-Khani for O gallery, 30/12/2015.

•  Participated in the exhibition of the 6th Visual Arts Festival of Mehr Young Art, 2014-2015.

•  Participated in the first annual exhibition of the Visual Arts versus in Artists’ House of Tehran, 06/06/2014.

•  Participated in the exhibition of the 8th selection of the New Generation in Shirin gallery, 12/12/2014.

•  Participated in the painting section of the 5th International Visual Arts Festival of Fajr, 2013-2014.

•  Holding an individual exhibition, titled Doubt, 06/02/2014.

•  Participated in group exhibition of painters in Port, in Free zone of Bandar-e Anzali, 27/03/2013.

•  Participated in the painting section of the second inspirational Art Relic, 2012-2013.

•  Participated in group exhibition of Expo Painters of Gilan in Lahijan, 12/10/2012.

•  Participated in the painting exhibition of students at Gilan University at the Khatam-Al-Anbia Contemporary Art Center in Rasht, 21/04/2011.

•  Participated in the group exhibition of Gilan painters of the sixties, Pouya gallery in Rasht, 31/12/2011.

•  Participated in the 8th national painting Biennial a New Look at Herat, in Saba Museum of Tehran, 12/2011.

•  Participated in the Biennial Painting Festival of Gilan, april, 2011-2012.

•  Triple show, three views, in Pouya gallery of Rasht, 24/02/2011.

Exhibitions organized by the founding staff of the art group of Anzali 

(Anzali art):

• Holding the second festival of Ports’ Portraiture in summer and spring, 2014-2015.

• Holding the exhibition in contemporary Iranian art for self-taught artists, works by Salim Karami, 13/03/2014.

• Holding the exhibition in contemporary Iranian art specialized for professor Mohsen Vaziri-Moghadam, 04/12/2013.

• Holding the first illustration festival of Port in Mist, ninety-fifth anniversary of Jalil Zia-Pour’s memorial, summer 2013.


Over the years, my collection of works includes more than 700 paintings in the following sections:

i. Oil Paintings........... 15 works.

ii. Collage..................77 works.

iii. Composition..........150 works.

iv. Chiaroscuro...........150 works.

v. Mono Print..............60 works.

vi. Sketches...............150 works.

vii. Etching Print..........9 works.

viii. Aquatint Print........19 works.

ix. Aquatint & Etching Print..19 works.

x. Print with Linoleum.........15 works.

xi. Illustration....................51 works.

xii. Wall Painting.................1 pair work includes 24 solo.


Cover Letter:

Artists are always exposed to consistency of the environment, culture and deliberating while fields of arts has many branches of creativity and making new artworks.

Therefore, it needs to adequate and change the mind, and be near and review closely new environments, cultures and opinions.

In our legendary culture Shams’ meeting with Rumi, made a simple person be enchanted by a beloved one which from that simple person born, a marvelous hand crafted romance named Sama.

Therefore, the fact that can help the artist to give birth to something innovative unique and incomparable is being faced with new incidents.

Sophisticated people with different moralities, new environments with fresh ideas, in this way the artist can have a subjective and an objective perfection and free themselves from a circulated established routine.

Steady work in your personal studio and always facing the surroundings will for sure decrease your mental and intellectual creativity.

As an artist my minds interest and concentration is about space and its relation with time and also inner space with outer space within time, this is what I ask of myself.

How is this connection possible and How to understand it and what is an artistic mind’s reaction to this connection, the discovery and intuition of this relation between the mind and the intellect in a space consisting of the artists body and the environment and the surrounded society, and in the other hand the intuitive relation of this connection of the artists mind, helping to discover the inner space and outer space that are dominant in different times.

The important question to me is that, what is the difference between space and body during this time?

What is the difference between the body and it’s outside and its surroundings?

How do we feel deep within when we neglect something? How this feeling will alter if we change the environment?

What is time’s purpose in this feeling within? How this differences between space and time and the changes of the artist’s feelings can affect the important choices they make? 

At this point I did my best try to intuitively understand the boundaries between dimensions of space and body and to track the progress of time.

The visualization of the complex relation of this invisible, but tangible and affective connection, which is profoundly visible to the artists’ hands and it could be seen in their work.

After graduating high school in 2001, I was trying to find my path in life. With just looking at myself I found out that I was interested in painting. So, at the same time, my sister and I, both started painting without knowing exactly how to do it.

And without any professional trainings I started painting. After a long period of six years I finally realized that if I was going to paint professionally, someday I had to start learning it the right way and I couldn’t just rely on my affection.

With my relatives support I passed the entrance exam and in 2008 I went to university of Gilan in faculty of Architecture and Arts studying painting. This was my first step towards painting professionally.

With the passion I had there was new opportunities in the first year for me, and the same year I became one of the top students and this motivated me to keep on working and trying even harder.

The university headquarters ranked me as the top student of my own time (class of 2008), and for my master degree without another entrance exam, university of Gilan’s headquarters introduced me to Ministry of Science and in 2013 I signed up for Tehran University of Arts and I could pass my M.A.’s during three years with high scores.

I graduated in 2016.

To me art is part of life and there wasn’t even a single time that something foreseen cross my mind and just walking towards the board, brushes and other tools and just looking at my surroundings will inspire me to start working on a new painting.

To me looking at peculiarities is unusual and bizarre.

The details of that peculiarity creates an infinite depth for me, at first my vision was figurative, thorough and integral but as I continued on both studying and working I became more abstract and more complex and details became more important and had a wider depth to me.

Nature is my artistic mind’s major impression and my works mostly had been affected by this huge image.

The environment has the most influence on making of my works. Sea, humid and softness of the place and the mist has all important effects on my works.

This multiple and spectrum environment, grows a hazy place in my mind as the result is works filled with paradoxes and obscurity.

Earthly and celestial place, real and imaginative, tangible and intangible, in fact there is a path between reality and imaginary, objectivity and subjectivity that occupies a part of me.

The time I am proceeding a work are the times that I see no brink between myself and my art.

And the most joyful moments for me are the ones that I loose myself in my work and become a part of it.

This moment will definitely be logical in interaction with nature and environment around it.

Considering my journey as an artist, understanding new environment and its effect on me will increase my passion.


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