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Ministry of Science, Research & Technology

University of Art
Faculty of Visual Arts
Thesis Title
The Roles & Effects of Texture in Transmission of Concepts in paintings of Contemporary Western Painters (whit Emphasis on Gestalt Theory)

Iraj Eskandary Tarbeghan

Practical Project Superviser:
Iraj Eskandary Tarbeghan

A Thesis Submitted to Graduate Studies Office in Partial Fulfillmment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in (the name of discipline)


By:Solaleh Abdolpanah


June 2016

This thesis role and influence performance on the transfer of the concept of tissue in contemporary artist’s paintings Western (with emphasis on Gestalt theory).
- The purpose of this study eventually respond to these questions:
- Tissue performance on the transfer of the concept of painting?
- can be appropriate tissues of conveying to create?
- Message transfer to the painter and its effects on the possibilities that provides occurs in the context of how?
Clearly, each role as a whole requires things as there are elements (but).
in this regard the study first to define the visual elements as influential components in receiving and understanding of the content and the level of the images and in this way, the emphasis on tissue element as a factor in the visual effects and value ( especially works that made sense received more than physical traits is objects .
Mental and physical forces by these elements are excited and change in the outskirts of total is also an excuse for writer to the path to the field of psychology (Gestalt psychology).
artists - psychologists around this theory ( Gestalt theory ) in the field of sensory perceptions , research, and have carried out extensive investigations that the information is quite a lot about visual amour and the importance of those in our possession.
 Also rules for organizing the theory of art of painting in the field, which is based on the artist’s outstanding painter also abide by the principles and rules to create his visual effects.
 Gestalt basic assumption is that the organizing the components in a general sense, the center of all mental activities and how the brain works.
 In theory, the total Gestalt by means of different from the sum of its components.
In fact our earth in the immense galaxies that it in terms of” role on “of the universe.
 One of the characteristics of the role of Gestalt, is that the Gestalt in creating elements and components together, structural plan.
Key words: The concept of context, visual context, Gestalt, shape, conveying the contemporary artists, Western

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